From Anna Smrckova. passed in April 2010.
Mark Ralph is a brilliant instructor, his friendly attitude towards learning made my experience a lot easier and I really looked forward to my driving lessons each week. He has the knowledge to notice the individual problems that I was having and took the time to highlight and work on them with me. I had previously failed my test twice with a different instructor but once I started lessons with Mark I noticed the difference immediately! He is patient and a great communicator, exactly what you need in an instructor! I had fun and productive lessons with Mark, he gave me so much confidence and faith on my third was a breeze! If you want to pass choose Ralph School of Motoring!!"

From Cammy McCall. passed in June 2011
"I started driving with Mark on my 17th birthday, and I was quite nervous to begin with. After a few lessons with Mark though, I grew in confidence and felt my driving improved a lot! By the time my theory and practical tests came around, I felt well-prepared and self-assured in my ability, which was very important to me. I passed first time which was a huge plus, and because of Mark's tutoring, I now feel really confident on the road. Cheers Mark!"

From Jonathan Barlow, passed in July 2011
"Mark was a great driving instructor. He was always extremely informative, and encouraging. He was willing to be flexible, fitting my lessons around my various other activities. Thanks to his excellent teaching, my sister and I both passed our driving test on our first attempts!!"

From Struan MacIntyre, passed in March 2012
"Just passed my test, feels absolutely amazing! Thanks Mark for all the patience and encouragement, you made it easy and pleasant to learn and pushed me on to pass. Brilliant mate!!

From Abi Stevenson, passed in July 2012
"I have really enjoyed every driving lesson which i had with Mark, he is a very patient instructor and with every lesson i felt my confidence and driving skills improved. I passed my driving test first time and i could not have done this without Mark's encouragement and experience! Mark has made me a competent driver and from the moment i passed my test i was not afraid to drive on my own as i felt i was more than ready to do so. Mark has been a fantastic instructor and has made learning to drive very enjoyable for me!  Thank you for all your help!!"

From Jennifer Tait, passed in July 2012
"When I started lessons with Mark I had never driven before so i was quite nervous but i instantly felt very comfortable and at ease, he was very patient with me and made each lesson enjoyable. Mark is good at understanding individual strengths and weaknesses and working with these to ensure my driving skills improved each lesson. He made sure i was prepared for my test and thanks to this i managed to pass first time and since i passed i have felt very comfortable driving on my own! Thanks again Mark!"

From Jennifer Eadie, passed in January 2013
"I really enjoyed my lessons with Mark and i learned to drive in a fun and safe way! I passed first time and with Mark's help i feel confident on the road and I am not afraid to drive by myself. Thanks again for all your help!!"

From Kirsty Wilson, Passed in February 2013
"I was really apprehensive when i first started driving but after just a couple of lessons with Mark I felt myself grow in confidence and it didn't take long before i noticed my driving skills improving. I looked forward to every driving lesson, Mark is a very understanding instructor which made it easier to overcome things i found difficult. I just passed my test first time this morning and can't thank Mark enough for all the encouragement and support he has given me!"

From Alison Eadie, Passed in March 2013
"Although I was nervous behind the wheel at first, Mark’s patient and encouraging teaching techniques helped to give me the confidence I needed to pass my test first time. He was always punctual and managed to find the perfect time for a lesson within my busy schedule. Thanks for all your help Mark!"

From David Clark, Passed in September 2013

"Thank you for teaching and encouraging me with my driving. I was deleighted yesterday when i passed my test first time. Thanks Mark!"

From Gracie Mallinson, Passed in November 2013

"Now that i have passed my test it is so clear to me the reason why. Mark is the best driving instructor as his paitence and calmness make you feel at ease. His precise reference points made confusing manoeuvres seem simple. He makes sure you are fully prepared for your test. I passed my test first time and feel confident on the road and have Mark to thank for that." 

From Zack Burnie, Passed November 2013

"Mark is  great instructor that puts you at ease as soon as you start lessons. He gives great feedback and advice on how to improve your driving and also listens to your point of view. Thanks Mark"

From Alan Baxter, Passed February 2014

"Mark is a great instructor who gives you his full attention in every lesson. He makes you feel more confident behind the wheel and is constantly showing you ways that you can perfect your manoeuvres. This then led to me passing my driving test first time and I have Mark to thank"

From Susan Al Haddad, Passed July 2014

"When i first started driving i found the experience very stressful and challenging, however Mark's calmness and simple instructions ensured that my lessons were enjoyable and effective at the same time! Thanks to Mark I passed my test first time with only 3 minors in July and i haved loved driving since. I have Mark to thank for helping me gain the confidence while behind the wheel"

From Leon Hay, Passed November 2014

"From the very first lesson I knew that I would enjoy driving with mark. Not only was he incredibly kind and understanding, he also was professional, knowing all of the handy tips that will make me feel confident on the road. He was very helpful and has a real talent for what he does".

From Lucy Ferguson, Passed November 2014

At first, I felt very nervous to start driving, but after a few lessons with Mark I became more at ease with the idea and my confidence began to grow. Mark is a great instructor with a lot of patience and understanding, which made it easier to learn.  I passed my test first time and feel confident driving on my own, thanks Mark

From Clara Cunningham, Passed 2012

Sorry for the delay in my recoomendation, Being the first of many Cunningham's to pass my driving test with Mark Ralph shows just how successful he is as a driving instructor. Being thrown into the deep end from my first lesson allowed me to build up confidence over each lesson. The overall vibes of Mark's lessons are very encouraging, enjoyable while very productive. Thanks so much for all your help Mark! and from the rest of the Cunningham crew (all of which have successfully passed first time with Mark.)

From Lara Peirotti, Passed 2017 

Mark is a excellent instructor who helped improve my driving in a very short period of time. His teaching techniques very thorough and engaging. Mark has also helped my twin sister pass her test, we both passed first time. I would definitely recommend him to other learners. Thanks

From Hannah Hughes, Passed 2018

I passed my driving test first time with Mark. He is a very understanding and caring person which makes for an encouraging and friendly instructor. He helped me through every step of the way so learning to drive was made stress free.

From Emily Kitchen, 2019

I had two lessons with Mark to refresh my driving ability after not driving for four years since passing my driving test. Mark was so reassuring and steady, witchier and concise instruction thatcalmehd my nrevesand restored my confidence. Would recommend to anyone in need of a confidence boost and a refreshment of rusty driving skills.